In a city like Hyderabad where the summer usually begins during march and ends by mid of June. The temperature in the city would go upto 35-38 degrees Celsius especially in May. Air conditioners , fans, coolers will become an essential part of our life in summer. working 24/7 will automatically decrease the productivity - it can be humans or electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets should always be serviced by professionals, small gadgets can be serviced easily carrying it to stores but like AC, Fridge , Geyser etc cannot always be shifted and it need to be serviced at you doorstep. Certified Professional are very much required for Air Conditioning Repair as their would be a lot of operations taking place which is not a easy task for everyone to fix it. Your cooling system comprises various components, from the outdoor compressor and condenser to the indoor evaporator and blower motor, not to mention the thermostat, capacitor, refrigerant and electrical lines. All of these parts must cooperate in order for the system to function properly, which is why taking care of even the most apparently minor issues sooner than later is important. Johnny Go is hyderbad's best AC repair service providing platform which gives doorstep AC repair service from the certified professionals at your convenient time with affordable price.


Windows AC Installation/Uninstall




Split AC Installation




Split AC Uninstall  -  Rs 699



Windows AC Services Rs - 500
Split AC Services   Rs - 550


Note : Includes Indoor & Out door unit servicing



Includes : 

  • Price will be depend upon scope of work and determined only after the inspection of technician.
  • If any parts required to change, A quote will be given before starting the repair.
  • Dignostic & inspection charges is applicable Rs 249 if service is not taken .


Gas Refill /Top Up



AC GAS Refill (1.5) Ton  Rs-  2100
AC Gas Refill  (1Ton)    Rs- 1700
AC Gas Top UP                Rs- 1200


Note : Final Price of Gas refill will be estimated only after technician inspection due to type of Gas used in AC.