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Home deep cleaning concept is not new it's existed from the long century. The reason behind getting the popularity of home cleaning services because of the services is provided by the professional and because of the new start-ups of theirs business, it becomes affordable for the patron to choose the cleaning service company according to their pocket affordability. The cost which was asked by the existing company in an earlier time is high because of the monopoly but nowadays there is lots of company offering the service of professional cleaning of home and office at a reasonable price. Due to the number of the company enter the competition of cleaning services the asking price of services is getting down. The cost which is asking for basic daily cleaning services of 1 BHK flat is started from the 2000rs. But if somebody desire for the deep cleaning services along with basic then the rate varies according to the BHK's. Deep cleaning services which are started for the 1 BHK flat is RS 2500 and for the 2 BHK flat it is started from RS 3500 and so on as per the capacity. Deep cleaning cost is not fixed it can be varies from company to company and also the grading and rating of the corporation.

Cost of deep cleaning services varies from 1500-5500 or so on depending on the requirement of the individual in deep cleaning and also the rates which depend on the chemical and the machines and product which are used for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning cost is also varies according to area and place where the service is taking. Before selecting the company based on the price of services always consider the rating and bidding criteria of those companies.

Deep Cleaning Services Rate in Hyderabad:


     1 BHK

          Rs- 3499

     2 BHK

          Rs- 4499

     3 BHK

          Rs- 5499


      Upon Inspection


List of Things includes in Deep Cleaning Services in Hyderabad:

Complete deep cleaning of all areas of the house including Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom and Balcony.

Sofa Dry Cleaning, Fan/Tube lights & mirror cleaning also includes in deep home cleaning.

Equipment carried- State of the art Scrubbing machine, dry & wet vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, cleaning agents, dusters & garbage bags.


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