Important checklist

Important checklist for booking cleaning service provider in Hyderabad :

As a homeowner, it's very tough to maintain the home in a tidy position and it brings lots of perks too. It's a huge responsibility of the owner to maintain the house clean but in this hectic era, it is impossible as an individual to accomplish with great talent to maintain the hectic life of the office, family and cleaning every day possible. Maintain of the house or cleaning of house in a regular way not only make u feel fresh and hygienic but most important its increase the durability of the home essentials. It's the duty of the owner of the house to going through some basic points and some important aspects while booking the home cleaning services. Some significant characteristic which requires ensuring to identified the legibility and stability of any company.

 Important secret while choosing online cleaning services comapny in Hyderabad ?

  1. ● Before choosing any professional house cleaning service provider it's better to go through the legal aspect of the company such as the having the license of this type of service from local authorities, certificate number, ownership detail, etc.
  2. ●The most important thing which needs to be check because hiring any house cleaning service provider is the detail of cleaner or employee is properly posted by the company on their official website, also checked whether the company verified the detail provided by the cleaners is genuine or not.
  3. ●It's the responsibility of the user of the services to check whether the company has the insurance system or not. This can help the user to get compensation if any damage happens during the house cleaning.
  4. This is the basic thing which can be check by the owner who desires to take the cleaning services so that proper security should be maintained before prefer any professional cleaning house service.

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Important tips to ch

It's always being a problematic situation to maintain the living place Clean and dirt free. To resolve this problem the majority of the individual choosing the house cleaning services for their daily cleaning necessity and there is no shortage of this type of services providers in Hyderabad nowadays. Every one travel numerous times in most of the room of the living place in everyday, but rarely notice the unutilized stuffed needed in the room, for this, gather a little bit time and thinks about what need or whatnot and pt this unneeded stuff out if the door of your living place to maintain the place more clean and hygienic. It’s a basic responsibility of the owner of the house to maintain the tidy environment and clean arena to feel fresh and hygienic. Some important tips need to be considered before going for home cleaning and choosing any home cleaning services.

Certain tips need to be kept in mind to analysis the cleaning service or choosing any expert cleaning service provider.

  • Before choosing any home cleaning services always deem on the reference of the family, friends or neighbours.
  • Always preferred the licensed service provider, it is necessary to favor the license holder irrespective of the service provider, to preserve the security.
  • It's always necessary to check whether the company has the insurance policies before choosing any service provider to make sure get compensation if any damage occurs to the belongings of users.
  • It's good to trust the cleaning service company but it's better to have a keen eye on the person who performs the services. Security is always being self handed.
  • It's good to take the deep cleaning services once in a week to maintain the hygiene.

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what does deep home

List of things deep home cleaning services include :

Clean house and office always represent the good sign of goodwill towards the other, but due to the stressful and hectic environment's individual not able to cleaning everyday. Nobody wants to stay in dirty place or working in this type of arena, so for regular cleanses it is advisable to appoint the professional cleaning services in Hyderabad to maintain the healthy and clean atmosphere of the home and office. The professional is not only the basic cleaning services but also the encourage for the deep clean services such as; Kitchen deep clean, bathroom deep clean, Furnishing and sofa cleaning along with that other cleaning.

Kitchen deep cleaning               

This deep cleaning process includes the cleaning of all chrome fitting accessories in the kitchen include the gas hobs and burner. This deep cleaning services also clean the cabinet in the kitchen and rearrange the stuff in the cabinets, along with its kitchen appliances like refrigerator, oven and all is also clean by the experts. It also removes the oil stains and marks from the slabs and other accessories of the kitchen.

Bathroom Deep clean

The professional cleaner who appoint with a plan of deep cleaning also clean the bathroom floor, wash basin and all other accessories in the bathroom by using the good quality of chemicals.

Furnishing and sofa cleaning

In this service, the professional by using the vacuums and special chemical can sanitize the sofa with the microfiber cloth t make it clean and dirt free. The special leather solution is also used by the expert to clean and increase the life of the leather sofa.

The benefit of hiring the professional cleaning services is that they can use the Biodegradable chemical which cannot harm the human also used the microfiber duster and wipers for the deep clean process.

Finding out best home cleaning services in Hyderabad or any other city is little bit challenging, To overcome this challaenges you could book professional cleaning serives in Hyderabad & Secunderabd on, they are highly professional cleaning team in Hyderabad & other metro city of India.

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House cleaning servi

Home deep cleaning concept is not new it's existed from the long century. The reason behind getting the popularity of home cleaning services because of the services is provided by the professional and because of the new start-ups of theirs business, it becomes affordable for the patron to choose the cleaning service company according to their pocket affordability. The cost which was asked by the existing company in an earlier time is high because of the monopoly but nowadays there is lots of company offering the service of professional cleaning of home and office at a reasonable price. Due to the number of the company enter the competition of cleaning services the asking price of services is getting down. The cost which is asking for basic daily cleaning services of 1 BHK flat is started from the 2000rs. But if somebody desire for the deep cleaning services along with basic then the rate varies according to the BHK's. Deep cleaning services which are started for the 1 BHK flat is RS 2500 and for the 2 BHK flat it is started from RS 3500 and so on as per the capacity. Deep cleaning cost is not fixed it can be varies from company to company and also the grading and rating of the corporation.

Cost of deep cleaning services varies from 1500-5500 or so on depending on the requirement of the individual in deep cleaning and also the rates which depend on the chemical and the machines and product which are used for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning cost is also varies according to area and place where the service is taking. Before selecting the company based on the price of services always consider the rating and bidding criteria of those companies.

Deep Cleaning Services Rate in Hyderabad:


     1 BHK

          Rs- 3499

     2 BHK

          Rs- 4499

     3 BHK

          Rs- 5499


      Upon Inspection


List of Things includes in Deep Cleaning Services in Hyderabad:

Complete deep cleaning of all areas of the house including Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom and Balcony.

Sofa Dry Cleaning, Fan/Tube lights & mirror cleaning also includes in deep home cleaning.

Equipment carried- State of the art Scrubbing machine, dry & wet vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, cleaning agents, dusters & garbage bags.


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Top 5 reasons why yo

Hire a professional cleaning service in Hyderabad?

In this modern world, the living standard of individual got hectic as compared to the traditional time. Managing the time era between work, family and for a person is getting difficult. Due to this tense agenda and mismanagement of instance, house cleaning activities is rare to be done and it’s become stressful too. That’s the reason to appoint the specialized house cleaning service in Hyderabad is the best solution to avoid the tension of house cleaning and spend that time with family.  The reimbursement which is acquired by assigning the Professional cleaning service in Hyderabad is little bit difficult, Johnnygo services is one of the reliable & trusted cleaning services company which is much better in Hyderabad for cleaning services list.

: Benefits of leasing the proficient do the grimy work.

Magnetize the Guest

Cleaning of the house is getting difficult in this stressful schedule. When the house is not clean then the welcoming the guest is always a horrifying experience.  Well, hiring professional cleaning services can relieve us from these kinds of the horrifying experience.

Save a moment of time and wealth

Hiring a cleaning professional is not only save time but it can save wealth to because it avoids procuring the clean-up yield. This hiring service saves precious time of individual which can be used to spend on hobbies and spending time with loved ones.



Proficient cleaning service in Hyderabad kept the Address and keys secured and always assign the same cleaner to home. This method is accepted by the cleaning service companies seriously because its related to the safety of the user of the services and also the reputation of the company. Due to this reason, Cleaning services Company is always thinking about the security of the client.

Cleaning Service Customization

Professional home cleaning service in Hyderabad provided services to customize the plan of the cleaning service according to requirement.

Best Rate facility

Hiring a professional for cleaning service in Hyderabad not only convenient for maintaining the house clean but it’s also very reasonable.

For Booking any kinds of cleaning services log on -

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AC Gas Refill Cost i


Split AC Gas Refill Cost in Hyderabad in 2019 !

Price of AC gas refill charges is depends on the type of gas your system takes. R-22 (freon) is being used in Normal Model, So typically that will be about 2000/- for 1.5 Ton AC's.

Now adays inverter model AC's are coming and In that AC's 410 gas is used which is little bit costly in comparission to normal models of Air Conditioning.

R-410A (puron) the new gas, is more reasonably priced at about 2400/- for 1.5 Ton AC's.

The second most important factor of AC gas refill charges is depend upon city you live in, likes as AC gas refill cost in Hyderbad is different from Mumbai & Banglore or other cities.

Now Let see AC Gas Refill Cost in Hyderabad.

AC Gas Refill Cost at Hyderabad in 2019 ?

  • Split AC Gas Filling Charges (1 Ton) - ₹/-1800
  • Split AC Gas Refilling- (1.5 Ton) - ₹2100/-
  • Split AC Gas Refilling- (2 Ton) - ₹2400/-

Note : Final Price of Gas refill will be estimated only after technician inspection due to type of Gas used in AC.

410 Gas Refill Cost in Hyderabad - (Inverter Model AC's)

  • Split AC Gas Filling Charges (1 Ton) - ₹/- 2000/
  • Split AC Gas Refilling- (1.5 Ton) -  ₹2400/-
  • Split AC Gas Refilling- (2 Ton) - ₹2700/-

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Best AC Service Cent

The sun’s peeking through the clouds.  And the temperature’s rising in our Hyderabad. No one knows about the upper limit the temperature will rise. So, all that's in our hands is the AC remote and well functioning AC. But wait, I  think you are also having one more headache here. Yes, you are right. What if there is an AC repair???? What if you need some AC service????

Ok, But no problem, here we are "JohnnyGo", Hyderabad's best AC repair service. Do not service the AC yourself.  Period! No, it’s not rocket science, but there are high voltages and high currents involved. Let a professional do it.  Proper maintenance on your A/C unit can save you money and headaches. That's the reason we provide best technicians to take care of your AC.

In air conditioning, the heart of the system is the compressor. Many things can kill a compressor, such as an improper charge of refrigerant, a failing (or missing) metering device, low airflow, a plugged condensing coil, and so on. A correct service will verify that all is working properly and that best repair service in Hyderabad is JohnnyGo. Here the primary motto of the company is customer satisfaction only and only pay when you are 100% satisfied. That's the reason JohnnyGo is most trusted AC repair service in Hyderabad.

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